Santorini is a magical place full of wonders and surprises.

We offer a carefully curated variety of organized tours for you to choose from and explore the hidden gems of Santorini.

From traditional villages and archeological sites to local wineries, popular beaches and the world renowned sunset of Oia, we can provide memories for a lifetime!


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Frequently Asked Questions

3ωρο 200 μεχρι 4 ατομα ,(5-6 250 ευρω)   (7-8  300) ( 9-12 400) -(12-16 450)

5ωρο 300 μεχρι 4 ατομα ,(5-6 350 ευρω)   (7-8  400) ( 9-12 450) -(12-16 500)

8ωρο 400 μεχρι 4 ατομα ,(5-6 450 ευρω)   (7-8  500) ( 9-12 550) -(12-16 600)

Ανα ομοδα όπως τα εχω γραψει παραπανω

Ξεκιναμε από τον απριλη 0900-1400 και 15 00-20 00 το 5ωρο

Το 8 ωρο full day είναι διαθεσιμο ότι ωρα θελουν

Το 3 ωρο

σαν επιλογη gia to sunset 1700-2000

Κατά την παραλαβη/συναντηση

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Private Tours

When visiting Santorini Island, there are many interesting destinations that you won't want to miss. That's where Guide Tours comes in. We offer a variety of organized tours for you to choose from, or you can customize your own itinerary by selecting one or more places to visit on the island. Whether you're looking for a private tour or want to join a group tour, we've got you covered. Contact us with any questions you may have via email or phone, and our English-speaking staff will be happy to assist you.

• Local traditional villages tour
• Archaeological sites tour
• Local wineries tour
• Sunset tour in Oia
• Popular beaches excursion

We wish to have a wonderful time during your stay in Santorini.

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